Harris Tweed Murdo Moss Green Satchel

This Murdo Moss Green Satchel is made from the luxurious and exclusive Harris Tweed.

Murdo Harris Tweed Satchel

Nice Murdo Harris Tweed Satchel

This is the perfect bag for carrying some laptops, books and papers.

The shoulder strap is made from a very thick strong leather and is adjustable, so it can be worn across the body as well as on the shoulder.


  • 15.5″ wide across the top and bottom
  • 10.5″ height
  • 2.5″ depth

The bag is lined with a charcoal wool and has two large pockets. The buckles on the front of the satchel have magnetic snaps attached for easy times ahead.

Harris Tweed Murdo Satchel, From CultureLabel.com


Harris Tweed iPad Case & Matching Harris Tweed Wallet

Simply gorgeous, iPad and wallet set from Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed iPad Case & Wallet

As you can see from the pictures, both pieces are hand crafted and both pieces carry the Harris Orb Classic Label, cannot get better quality, the finest tweed in the world, combined with genuine leather Hyde, hugging your iPad

The leather binding around the rim of the iPad case insures longevity, and protects both the tweed and your iPad……

Land Rover Defender – The Harris Tweed Edition Prototype

Introducing the Kahn Design Land Rover Defender

Harris Tweed Edition….

Harris Tweed Land Rover

Yes you did read the two headings correctly, and no this isn’t the latest sign of the apocalypse.

Press released about a month ago by MSN, this beauty is commissioned by the design genius Afzal Kahn.

Called the “Land Rover Defender Concept 17 Wide Body Harris Tweed Edition prototype” it is the only one of its kind and can now be bought for a princely sum.

Highlights include the leather seats that have Harris Tweed inserts.

The said Harris carpet is coupled with

Pleasing sections of Tweed also appear on the leather dashboard.

Amazing Interior

Supplementing the Harris Tweed on the inside, Kahn has also fitted new piano black wood to the dashboard, red seat belts, aluminium pedals and lots and of leather.

The front and rear has aracing-style bucket seats plus other red and silver accents, including the nifty rev counter.

This car is near £59,000 and as I mentioned there is only ONE so if you really like it then head over to http://www.kahndesign.co.uk/

Customised Vans, Harris Tweed Stylie

Not just for the decerning gent, but also for the fashion conscious skater. Harris Tweed Vans!

Very nice post on an instant classic.


Polizzy Report

HOT! LOVE TO add these to my vans collection!!!

This December, Harris Tweed teams up with Vans Vault for a capsule collection built off Cali classics and Scottish styling. Handwoven cloth decorates collaborative makeups of the Old Skool Decon LX, Buffalo Boot LX, and Era 46 LX, capped off with premium Horween leather. Look for these to hit select Vault accounts next month.

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