Country Gent On The Cheap – Casual Or Office

RB Harris Tweed Feed

This is me, in a Harris Tweed Bargain Special

Harris Tweed Office Look

This is me, in a Harris Tweed Office Look – Bargain Special



Many people these days are on quite a tight budget, and although we all love designer clothes many of us cannot afford to buy them, for many it’s label trends for me it’s the cut that designer clothes have over the high street brands, it can still be quite hard to find great clothes at a bargain price for the smaller frame such as mine, however this is rapidly changing there are now 1 or 2 shops that cater for the smaller man.

Harris Tweed Mixed With Denim

Harris Tweed Mixed With Denim

Take this, the latest style that I’ve adopted, the country gent, I love tweed, hence the blog, however Harris tweed can cost a pretty penny, even more if you want the real vintage pieces, I found this Jacket and both the waistcoat’s at Primark the lot came to only £50. With a few key pieces in the wardrobe it’s easy to mix and match to get just that look, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, as you can see from the pictures this style just looks amazing with a pair of skinny Jeans, with shoes or a pair of old Converse.

Jeans Back

Jeans Back


With Tie (And iPad Case)

One of the key features is the Tie, many men today are quite happy with that hand me down look, as if they’ve gone rummaging through their father’s closet, pulling out some monstrosity to wear to work, I honestly sit there on the tube in absolute amazement at some of the fashion crisis’s that I’ve seen on my daily commute, diagonal striped tie with a check shirt, the 2 patterns clashing are bad enough, but the colour war going on between the clothes is just a catastrophe.

Harris Tweed

Aquascutum Tie

In my view patterned shirts should only be worn with block coloured ties, as to keep the confusion on the eye to a minimum, with a white shirt you can pretty much do whatever you like tie wise, just be careful of the type of pattern you choose.

As you can see from my pictures, as long as your tweed is not super busy, a lovely checked tie works very well, but again block colours, as bright as you like do also work well, I have always been quite fussy about patterns and the clashing there of, the same has to be said for tweed I love to mix and match, but if you find that difficult stick to my 2 basic principals, rather than mixing patterns try with colour.

For example a tweed jacket will always work with a block coloured waistcoat, most tweeds are made up of several colours in a checked style, some are made of a speckled type tweed, but again using many different colours, try enhancing just 1 of the colours from the tweed within your waistcoat, this works a treat, it also gives you more room for selection of tie patterns rather than a blocked colour.

If you decide on a patterned shirt, the same rules apply, choose a colour from your shirt and try to bring that out, using the tie and matching the colour.

RB Harris Tweed Feed

Jacket Lining – Nice!

RB Harris Tweed Feed

Burgundy Trousers For The Office

As most of you will be well aware, Jeans are a no no in most (old fashioned) offices, no problem here, switch out the Skinny Jeans for a pair of nicely fitted and tapered trousers, again the key here is colour, stay away from black, unless you’re a security guard or policeman, and again, should only be beige if they are chinos, and even then there are now so many colours to choose from, use your integrity.

I know what would happen if I turned up to work in a pair of yellow trousers, again referring to my pictures you can see I’ve chosen a dark deep burgundy colour, but feel free to experiment:

  1. JeansNudie Jeans – these can be quite expensive, however TK Maxx is always a good place to start for designer Jeans, other than that Top Man will always stir you right.
  2. Converse All Stars – purchased NY 560 Broadway, again these can be picked up in the UK at all Footlocker Stores, and depending on style, should start around £45
  3. Shoes – Butler & Webb – Primark – £15
  4. Waistcoat – Butler & Webb – Primark – £12 Each
  5. Jacket – Butler & Webb – Primark – £25
  6. ShirtsTM Lewin – £25 Each again you can pick up some great shirts a lot cheaper at Primark
  7. Burgundy Trousers – Butler & Webb £15


  • Harris Tweed
  • Austin Reed
  • Aquascutum




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